How we came to be
The Story of Velvet Outlaw

Velvet Outlaw is a queer owned brand focused on sustainability and fringe! We upcycle clothing and rework each piece by adding applique, fringe and/or rhinestones. We are a two person team and recently expanded the Velvet Outlaw brand to include Velvet OutPaws - our pet bandana line!

Starting in a home attic in 2022 surrounded by rhinestones, vintage suits, and a record player, I set out to bring Velvet Outlaw to the Louisville, Kentucky community not knowing the growth Velvet Outlaw would have. After quickly outgrowing my home studio, I knew that it was time to begin to look for a physical store. In 2023, we moved to Mellwood Art Center, a space to truly call our first home!

As I look down the road for Velvet Outlaw, I plan to expand more on the history of country music, - its true roots -, the history of Nudie Suits (aka Rhinestone Suits), and exploring new versions of these classic suits for all body types. Rhinestone suits come with a heavy history. It’s important to never forget that, and to have reverence and humility when acknowledging the spaces and cultures these came from. Velvet Outlaw is my expression of honoring those traditions.

Meet Miranda!
Our Velvet Outlaw

Howdy, I'm Miranda Deaton (she/they) - the founder, designer, and seamstress of Velvet Outlaw. Having spent the last 10 years fighting to have a career that offered (read in a sensible banker voice) “a solid 401K and good benefits” just wasn’t meeting all of my creative needs. Taking everything I learned working in shelters, local government, and public defenders offices, I knew it was time for me to take a big risk on myself and I started Velvet Outlaw.

A few things to know about me: I am a virgo sun and rising, taurus moon, an enneagram 8 💫, pet mom to 4 fur babies 🐶🐈, lover of strawberry rhubarb pie 🍓, and usually obsessively listening to one song on repeat until I’m over it 🎵.

I have been an artist my entire life and my creative practice has seen many mediums and renditions, but Velvet Outlaw has to be my best one yet! Sharing my work with y’all and being able to create a safe, queer, body-positive fashion space is a risk I'll take everyday with no regrets.

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The true background
History of the Rhinestone Suit aka Nudie Suits

Rhinestone suits are rooted in both Mexican & Jewish cultures. Some people know them as Nudie Suits, named after Nudie Cohn who immigrated to the US after escaping Ukraine. Like many other Jewish immigrants he began working in the textile business and made everything from bejeweled g-strings to the rhinestone suits we know of today.

Another Jewish man, Rodeo Ben, immigrated from Poland and began his work on rhinestones suits in Philadelphia. At the same time, another dynamic designer, Nathan Turk, and his wife, Bessie, were on the west coast in LA making rhinestone suits. They all used old world Eastern European textile techniques that they learned in their Jewish communities.

Mexican tailor Manuel Cuevas was the head tailor at Nudies in the 60s & 70s and began to incorporate Mexican and Native American patterns in the designs. These rhinestone country suits also get their roots from Charro suits that trace their origins back to 15th century Spain and are most commonly recognized today in traditional mariachi and as a cultural icon of Mexico.

Explore & Learn

Black blazer jacket that has been upcycled and reworked with Western-style star appliqués and long white fringe across the back of the blazer and its sleeves. This blazer was upcycled by Velvet Outlaw.

Learn more about the Nudie Suit

Check out the following articles & videos to learn more about the history behind the Nudie Suit:

Brown pinstripe suit that has been upcycled and reworked by Miranda Deaton, founder and primary designer at Velvet Outlaw. The pantsuit features orange ovals with black birds in the center of each.

The revival of the Western suit

Take a peek into how the Western suit has recently made a comeback: